Think I’m exaggerating?

Well think again, because I never exaggerate. In-fact I’ve conducted about four billion experiments on this very subject, and it has never failed. EVER!!

Okay maybe not four billion – but a lot.

Well… okay, maybe not ACTUAL experiments, but I have tried it out several times myself, and I swear it really works.

No but seriously, if you follow this advice you will get positive results, I guarantee it. Just keep reading to the end – you’ll be glad you did…

Okay, here we go:

Every goal – no matter how small or big, has at least one mustdo,shoulddo, or could do attached to it. This applies to every goal, otherwise it’s really not a goal at all. It’s just something you’re thinking of doing one day in the future, when you have the time… Maybe.

Imagine someone (Let’s call him Bob) is told by his doctor, that unless he loses forty pounds, his health will suffer dramatically, and he could end up with heart disease, diabetes, or some other obesity related ailment. For any smart person, this would be an “OH SHIT!!” moment, because let’s face it – unless you’re a total dumbass, news like that is obviously shit.

Let’s assume Bob is a pretty smart dude. So what would a mart dude do now?

He would immediately set about constructing a plan for achieving the primary goal of losing weight. Let’s refer to the primary goal as “Eating the Elephant”, and based on what Bob’s doctor said about the possible consequences of not losing the weight, eating this Elephant is definitely in the MUST do category.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time

You see, without at least one MUST do task – most, if not all goals are usually doomed to flop before they even begin. In this particular case, I’d say, the following items fit into the MUST do category.

The things Bob MUST do:

  • Reduce weight by 40lbs
  • Have a realistic – no bullshit deadline
  • Obtain a healthy eating plan.
  • Plan a logical, achievable exercise regime.
  • Begin the exercise regime and stick to it.
  • Begin following the eating plan and stick to it.


Those are the MUST do’s, because without them, Bob may as well go down to the nearest fast-food joint, buy a big, greasy beef burger with extra fries, a double-thick chocolate milkshake, and speed up the process of meeting his maker in a plus size jump suit.

Running a close second to the MUST do’s, are the SHOULD do’s. These are really popular little suckers, because they’re so damn easy to get out of. Am I right?… Of course I’m right, and you know it!

The things Bob SHOULD do:


  • Set a deadline of about four months. Why four months?… Why not?
  • Join a gym, or any other type of exercise club.
  • Gethis training regime from a qualified person.
  • Gethis new eating plan from a qualified person.


As I said – the SHOULD do’s are never very far behind the MUST do’s in importance, and I realise it’s often tempting to treat them like the weekend homework you always got from that weird, angry schoolteacher who smelled of mothballs.

However, be that as it may – even when SHOULD do’s seem a little tough to get through, you’d do well to reconsider, because they’ll often come back to bite you in the backside. Remember the trouble you got into when you arrived at school on Monday, empty handed. What did your little voice inside say to you? “You SHOULD have done the homework dumbass!!”Because now it’s come back to bite you in the backside.

And last but not least – the most popular of them all. The COULD do’s. We all love these ones, because who the hell really cares if we get them done anyway. In fact, why do we even put them on our lists in the first place?

The things Bob COULD do (But probably won’t):

 Well, he COULD get himself one of those super useful bracelets that lets him know how many steps he walks each day. Or a really cool tog-bag, with matching towel, water bottle, and cap – so the girls at the gym can see he means business – Or not.

The naked truth is this:

If you don’t set yourself MUST do tasks and stick to them come hell or high water, you will NOT succeed with the big important goals in your life. You’ll be just like the majority of people who allow themselves excuses for not succeeding – Saying things like “I SHOULD stop smoking so I don’t end up ill like my father did”.

Look out for my next post, where give you the naked truth on how to ensure that you have a much better chance of following through on those MUST do’s.