boy-and-fatherI don’t think sceptics are so sceptical, and I’ll tell you why:

Your parents will tell you how you need to have a more positive attitude toward your studies, and you’ll do better. Or your sales manager will tell you how he achieves his goals because he has them written down, & reads over them regularly.

And what about that loud, angry football coach with too much testosterone. Why does he keep preaching that same old mantra to his team every single practice session? “You boys need to begin having more faith in your ability to win”. If young Jonny tells the coach he’s making a vision-board for the team so they can use it for five minutes before beginning practice every day – what do you think he’s going to say?

My guess is Jonny’s going to end up with a football firmly rammed up his #@*, and wearing the team mascot outfit for the rest of the season. You see, the coach knows they’re supposed to think positive, and have more faith in themselves – He just has absolutely no idea why!

The cocky sales manager heard about the importance of writing goals down, and then reviewing them on a regular basis. It was during that awesome seminar in Thailand last year. He’s never bothered researching the reasons why it would actually improve his sales. He just knows that the company paid big money for him to attend the seminar, and the guy presenting all that cool stuff sounded really smart.

Besides, His boss also gave him the best customers to service, and he works 60+ hours a week. I reckon achieving that big sales target’s not that amazing after all, when you put it that way. And of course the boss loves him, because he went on that same seminar two years ago – just before he had the triple bypass, and bought that shiny new Mercedes. The reason the boss had the triple bypass was because Mary brought a vision-board into the boardroom during his monthly sales meeting. What in the name of Oprah Winfrey was she thinking!!

I’ll say it again – I don’t think sceptics are so sceptical. I think their egos are just too big for them to admit there’s something larger than them. Yes, they love hearing how they are the masters of their own destinies – but they also hate hearing that they’re the only one’s responsible for their screw-ups. It’s just way too scary to imagine that they can’t blame the economy, the slump in their industry, or perhaps even their parents.

So I say to all you sceptics out there. Think carefully next time you say something like “I’m just not on the same wavelength as that guy. He gives me bad vibes”. Because you’re only one small book away from becoming a crazy hippie like the rest of us believers.