If this doesn’t make you start thinking about your thoughts – Nothing will !!

Anyone who knows me – knows when I see something that takes my brain more than a minute or so to wrap itself around… I start searching for evidence and explanations. So, when I watched the movie called “What the bleep”, and saw Dr. Masaru Emoto’s theory about the consciousness of water… My brain just went WTF, and although I loved the movie, and in many ways it changed my way of thinking forever – I just could not truly have faith in the water story, even though I really wanted to.

But as I said, when that happens to me I start searching for evidence, and ways to experiment. Have you ever heard the saying “There are none so blind as those who will not see”? Well, I can tell you it’s true, because it took me until about a year ago before I heard about the “Rice” experiments people were doing. Why the hell did I not see them before, when they’ve been going on for years?

The way it works is like this:

  1. Cook up some white rice & Scoop even amounts of the cooked rice into three jars. (Ensure that all three have lids that seal them well)
  2. Stick a note on the side of the one that has horrible words on. I used “Hate & War”
  3. Stick a note on the side of the one that has kind words on. I used “Love & Peace”
  4. Leave the third one blank (We’ll call that one the “neutral” rice)
  5. Twice each day, for about 3 minutes, hold the “good” jar in your hand and send all the loving vibes you can to that rice.
  6. Twice each day, for about 3 minutes, hold the “bad” jar up and send the worst vibes possible to it. I mean you should really hate that rice as much as you can.
  7. You need to just ignore the third jar, and give it the “silent treatment”.

The first time I tried it my entire family thought I’d lost the plot. That original experiment took about four weeks to complete, because things were just happening so damned slowly. Fortunately, after the third week, I had to go on a business trip and my loving wife agreed, after much persuasion, to continue the experiment while I was away for a few days. I say fortunately because she must have been in a foul mood that entire week, and she gave that poor bad rice hell. I know she’s good at giving the silent treatment, so I had no doubt the neutral rice would suffer severely.

Recently, I decided to do the experiment again, and this time I took some photos. I have no idea how or why, but this time it took only seven days to complete this time. What really astounded me both times I conducted the experiment, was the effect on the neutral rice after being ignored. You take a look at the images and decide for yourself. Then take a little time and conduct you own experiment. It turns out the good doctor from Japan wasn’t smoking his socks after all. Water is conscious. Which in effect means that our thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on ours, as well on other people’s bodies. And considering the fact that our bodies consist of over 60% water – Well, it’s not rocket science after that, now is it.

Thoughts affect your body

Thoughts affect your body