There’s no secret to finding your passion and living it, and there’s also no specific number of steps to achieving your goals in life. If it’s such a secret, then how come there are som many bloody books about it? And how the hell can anyone claim to know precisely how many steps there are to achieving YOUR own personal goals?

For years I read books with titles beginning with “The Secret of…” – or “The X number of steps to achieving your goals”. What nobody told me was that I needed to walk before I could run, and I found myself lost in a maze of books, videos, and expensive seminars that had my head spinning in every direction.

After searching for about twenty-five years, I eventually stumbled onto something that was to be the beginning of my new fantastic adventure. It’s now ten years on, and my life is fantastic. Let me share with you what I learned throughout my journey, and  steer you clear of that frustrating maze – or if you’re already lost somewhere inside it, then I’ll direct you to the nearest exit.

Once you begin reading this book, there will be no more bullshit, and no more jumping from one philosophy to the next, like so many of us have done. This will be the beginning of something beautiful for you, and your life will be forever changed.

D.C. West